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Putting business owners in the driver's seat.


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BookAssure revolutionizes bookkeeping, catering to small business owners, bookkeeping firms, CPAs, and accounting firms.

We help bookkeepers scale their work and primarily serve microbusinesses, startups, and solopreneurs, all at an affordable price.

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BookAssure will give you freedom and save you time.

With streamlined communication, real-time collaboration, and simple transaction categorization, bookassure saves business owners valuable time and money, while providing enhanced client service.

Who We Work With

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You handle the creativity, and we’ll focus on the numbers. We can help track your expenditures and incoming payments to keep your bookkeeping clear and accurate. With our customized accounting services, you don’t have to stress about managing your finances.

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Small businesses face unique financial challenges, and when you’re trying to grow your company, you can’t afford to make any bookkeeping mistakes. BookAssure specializes in small business accounting services designed to simplify everything for you.

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From managing your daily transactions, to assisting with payroll and compliance issues, our goal is to help local business owners with all of their bookkeeping needs. No matter what financial hurdles you’re facing, we have the expertise to guide you to the best solution.

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No matter what challenges you're facing, we can help.

We offer a centralized platform to manage finances and track expenses, allowing bookkeeping firms to focus on delivering high-quality services and building stronger client relationships, and business owners to focus on their businesses.


Tell us your ideas and goals, and we’ll help you put them on paper. Out strategic business planning services help your company find its direction.


Come to us and we’ll clear up your cash flow confusion! Identify where your cash needs are, and where you can find the cash you fill them.


Doing payroll yourself can be time-consuming and confusing. Let us handle your payroll while you focus on the core of your business.

Efficiently streamline your business's finances or scale your accounting firm with bookassure today!

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